Why families are at the heart of the revamped Junction 14

Why families are at the heart of the revamped Junction 14

With an improved kids play area, better toilets and changing facilities and new landscaped garden, Junction 14 is the perfect pitstop for families on the road.

As manager Gavin Moran tells IF&CR, the total transformation of the service station was designed in response to customer research and insight into what people really want.

“We listened carefully and responded to what our customers were telling us. We created a bright new sitting area – although we haven’t been able to make the most of that yet due to Covid,” Gavin says.

“We created better toilets – we know that toilet facilities are extremely important to people, plus baby changing facilities and disabled access.

“We always had a good outside seating area but thanks to Covid, that has really come into its own.

“The newly restyled outside seating area is more like a full and spacious plaza seating up to one hundred people. We’ve landscaped it and added in an outdoor garden and due to Covid, people have been making the most of that.”

Work on the new-style Junction 14 started in May 2019 and was due to be completed in April 2020 but because of Covid, it wasn’t finished until July.

“As the father of three young children, I know how important good facilities are. People wanted a family friendly environment with supportive staff, clean toilets, baby changing facilities, good foods, disabled access and a place to relax,” Gavin says.

“At Junction 14 we’ve created something to be very proud of. We call the area inside ‘Main Street’ with all the food brands on either side – it has the spaciousness and vibe of an airport lounge, yet we are constantly striving to be better.

“Each department or concession has its own management team, supervisors and staff teams. We have management meetings every week for each department and they are always bringing new ideas to the table.

“When we had the official reopening in June, we were able to have a bouncy castle and a bit of a celebration – albeit socially distanced.

“There was a great atmosphere, lots of families and people just really enjoying themselves – a real sense that we are getting back to how things were before the pandemic hit.

“We’ve made something very special – a place where everyone involved can feel very proud.”