Spotlight on Gala Patrickswell near Limerick

Spotlight on Gala Patrickswell near Limerick

John McDermott, owner of McDermott’s Gala and Circle K forecourt tells IFCR why he chose Gala.

“Our Gala store is a forecourt convenience store. Located in the village of Patrickswell and six miles outside of Limerick city our customer base is made up of members of the local village community as well a strong passing trade of commuters. We joined the Gala Group in 2011 and our store has just undergone a large refurbishment.

Gala Retail Group

What attracted you to the Gala Retail Group?

“Being an independent retailer with the support and benefits that come with being part of a nationally recognised convenience group brand was a big draw for us. The Gala chilled distribution network and the access it offers to a range of quality products as well as access to a local wholesaler in Clonlara Wholesale was also very attractive. We also recognised the value of Gala’s exclusive in-store concepts as great footfall drivers.


How has the support of the Gala Group evolved since you became part of the group?

“The Gala Group has evolved significantly since we joined the group, constantly pivoting and adapting to consumer trends and changes in the convenience retail landscape. Fresh food has become a big focus in recent years and the Group is committed to creating and building on its range of exclusive concepts to meet the needs of both retailers and customers. When it came to undertaking the recent refurbishment of our store, the guidance and support from the Group has been invaluable.

Gala concepts

What Gala concepts have you implemented in your forecourt store? How has the introduction of Gala concepts been received by your customers?

“Our store has just undergone a refurbishment, upgrading to the latest Gala branding for the store and it’s concepts – Baker’s Corner, Galato, New Street Deli and the Distill Off Licence. Baker’s Corner has always been huge for us, making us a destination store for home made breads, tarts and cakes. Galato has also being very successful, and we now operate our ice cream machine 12 months of the year. As a forecourt store, New Street Deli is critical to commuter customers and it’s the key driver for all our business and continues to grow. Our newly opened Distill off licence is off to a great start and we view this as being an important footfall driver moving forward. The refurbishment of the store and new concept areas have really elevated the look and feel of the store making it a modern and contemporary space.

Professional and modern

What would you say to retailers who are considering joining the Gala Group?

“If you are looking for a professional, modern convenience group with strong emphasis on fresh and unparalleled support for your business, then I would highly recommend Gala Retail.”