Meanwhile, the standard international stamp will increase from €2 to €2.20.

An Post said the costs are well below the current average European tariffs for postage delivery services.

It said the increases reflect transport, fuel and energy inflation, with international air freight prices increasing by up to 360% during the pandemic.

An Post CEO David McRedmond said: “While these increases are essential to cover rising costs, and ensure service continuity on a par with the very best in Europe, we will mitigate the impact on SMEs by increasing discounts available to them, while freezing the price of ten-stamp booklet for consumers and offering regular price promotions.”

An Post said existing stamps with ‘N’ (National) and ‘W’ (Worldwide) denominations will remain valid. There will be no change in the price of ten-stamp booklets, which currently cost €11.

An Post also said free postage to and from nursing homes and free newspaper deliveries for older people remain available and ‘check-in’s by postal delivery staff on older, vulnerable or isolated customers are now a standard part of the service.