M&S claims it lost €2m in 2019 fire at Cork shopping centre

M&S claims it lost €2m in 2019 fire at Cork shopping centre
Marks and Spencer Ireland Ltd (M&S) says it experienced more than €2m in losses as a result of a major fire at Douglas Village shopping centre in Cork in 2019, the Commercial Court has heard.

The store’s case is now the third action over the August 31, 2019, incident which started when an allegedly defective Opel Zafira B car went on fire in the shopping centre car park and spread to the centre itself and caused €30m in damage, including interruption to business.

The first of those cases was brought by the owners and operators of the shopping centre, Avoncore Ltd and Canmont Ltd, who sued Irish-incorporated Leeson Motors Ltd, which allegedly distributed and sold an Opel Zafira, the car manufacturers Adam Opel GmbH, based in Germany, and Opel Automobile GmbH, also incorporated in Germany.

They also sued Vauxhall Motors Ltd, incorporated in the UK, as the party allegedly responsible for the conduct and management of recalls of the Zafira B vehicles in the UK and having liaised with Leeson Motors with regard to recalls in Ireland.

A separate case was brought by retailers in the shopping centre, Callistoy Ltd, Amari Shoes Ltd, Sheehan Brothers Family Butchers Ltd, Layered Approach Ltd and Neville Jewellers Ltd.

On Monday, M&S sought to have similar proceedings admitted to the commercial list over what it says has been damage to its store and business interruption, costing more than €2m. Mr Justice Denis McDonald entered the M&S case to the commercial list.