The changes will take effect from May 5 and will impact all of its payment plans.The company said the increase is being driven by the unprecedented and ongoing increases in energy costs over the past 12 months.

“Unfortunately, the wholesale cost of electricity in Ireland, as well as in Europe, has significantly soared to an unprecedented level over the past year,” it said in a statement.

“This substantial increase in our operational costs means we are unable to continue to provide our service to you without having to increase the charging rates on our network.”

“Despite significant price increases in the wholesale market over the last 12 months, ESB has not increased its prices since it introduced pay for use on the public charging network in October 2019. Up until then the public charging network was free to use for the previous 10 years.”

Standard charging for members will rise from 23c/kWh to 35c, a rise of 52%.

Members using fast charges will see prices jump from 26.8c/kWh to 41c, a 53% increase.

Meanwhile, the membership rate for high power charging is to increase from 33c/kWh to 44c or 33%.

The monthly subscription for members will also increase from €4.60 to €4.99. Those who use the charger on a pay as you go basis will see the fee for standard charging rise 45%, from 26.8c/kWh to 39c.

The fast charger pay as you go rate will increase from 30.5c/kWh to 45c to 48%. High power charger pay as you go users will pay 48c/kWh rather than current 37c – a 29% increase.

Fleet plan prices are also to increase. The fees for overstaying after 45 minutes at a fast or high power charge point is to rise to €8, and a new overstay fee of €8 on standard chargers will apply after 10 hours.

The company has estimated that a 400km return trip from Dublin to Galway, charging 340kms with a home charger and topping up the remaining 60km using an ESB fast charger on a pay as you go plan, will cost €10.36.

It said the same journey using ESB fast chargers to power an EV’s full journey on a PAYG plan will cost €26.67.

This compares to a diesel car cost of €37.34 for the same trip, it said.