Creative ideas for retailers – Discounter Dealz move into adult art

Creative ideas for retailers – Discounter Dealz move into adult art

Artists set to be in the ‘Monet’ as discounter launches first major art range

New generation of Pandemic Picassos take up painting

Stores dedicate more space to painting, knitting and crafts as hobbies’ popularity grows

Dealz has launched a new range of top-notch painting supplies to satisfy the growing demand from budding Banksys and latent Lowrys in the wake of the pandemic.

It follows a sharp rise in demand for arts and craft items at the discount retailer as customers have found refuge in new hobbies to get them through the last 18 months.

Painting’s popularity is on the rise as a way to relax and do something creative, while also helping mental health and well-being.

100 items

The new adult art range from Dealz extends to nearly 100 items, including oil, watercolour and acrylic paints, oil pastels, brushes, pencils, palette, paper, stretched canvases and sketchbooks, as well as botanical and landscape painting sets, from leading artists materials brand Simply, by Daler-Rowney.”

The store has seen sales of adult craft items more than double over the past year, the fastest growing category in arts and craft products.

Interest in the hobby has been fuelled by popular TV shows such as Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year and Irish comedian Kevin McGahern’s Kevin Paints on RTÉ.

Dealz Country Manager of Retail, Olivia McLoughlin, said: “Our customers asked if we could save them ‘Monet’ on their new love found love of art – and we said, ‘Yes we Kandinsky.’

“Millions of people have found painting is a great way to chill and we’ve created our widest range of artists’ materials for those who want to take up the hobby or brush up their canvas technique.

“Who knows, the next Banksy or David Hockney might get their inspiration from visiting their local Dealz store.”

Dealz brings its value to adult arts

Product Dealz Price Comparison RRP
Watercolour set (2pk €1.50 €2
Acrylic brush set (5pk) €4 €5
Watercolour pencils (4pk) €1.50 €2
Acrylic paints (75ml) €2.50 €3
Adult paint palette €1.50 €2
A4 stretched canvas €1.50 €2

The new adult art range is part of an extended arts and crafts range that includes kids’ art, such as pencils, felt pens and colouring books, from leading brand Crayola, new yarn and haberdashery items including wools, yarns and knitting needles, and a wider range of craft materials including ribbons, tissue paper, glitter, cards and envelopes.