Cost of petrol should be dropping by now: RAC

Cost of petrol should be dropping by now: RAC

The RAC says the price of petrol in the UK should have stopped rising by now and should be going into reverse.

Their comments come as both the price of petrol and diesel set new records on Friday, with petrol averaging 190.22p a litre and diesel rising to 198.46p.

The RAC warned that motorists have every reason to be angered.

Fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “The average price of petrol has now sadly reached another miserable milestone by topping £1.90 a litre (190.22p) and diesel has also moved up another half a penny to 198.46p. With both fuels once again setting new records, full tanks now cost £104.62 and £109.15 respectively.

“The cost of petrol at the pumps should really have stopped rising by now and should in fact be going into reverse. For some strange reason, the supermarkets continue to push unleaded higher very much against the trend on the wholesale market. Drivers have every right to be angered by this.

“While there is no doubt wholesale costs increased dramatically a few weeks ago this is not the case now, so pump prices must start to fall for fuel retailers to retain credibility with their customers as well as not attracting the negative attention of the Competitions and Markets Authority.”