CECCATO introduce new range of products

CECCATO introduce new range of products

Ceccato – a leading company in the car wash sector for over 60 years, is introducing a new range of products – available in Ireland.

2021 will be another year of great success for the company – with an increase in turnover of about 40%, an increase in staff and the construction of a new production plant in the United States. This year production will reach about 400 units of equipment built, an excellent result also given the pandemic period.


ALTAIR 3.0, the new entry level that combines all the features of a performing and modern equipment, new direct drive beam, simpler structure with new images and new traffic light for use in self service, the equipment can be equipped with high pressure side, following the profile with fixed oscillated side nozzles of the Hydraflex rotating type.

HYDRUS Tech 2.0

HYDRUS Tech 2.0, the new Hydrus compared to the previous one will have the possibility of using high lateral pressures and following the profile completely with American nozzles of the HYDRAFLEX brand, a well-known company specialized in the creation of rotating percussion nozzles for the car wash sector, this equipment with these nozzles can also carry out a brushless washing program if the customer wishes, the new HYDRUS also provides an attractive look with LED doors on the front of the equipment that can be adjusted according to the colors of the brushes and equipment , the new Hydrus also includes a new shampoo dispensing system in a very effective rain version, which covers the entire car 100% with a very foamy shampoo.

BALTIC Tech 3.0

BALTIC Tech 3.0 will be the new equipment for washing industrial vehicles, buses, taller vans, will have a new software and a new structure, the electrical panel will be all built with electrical material including the PLC of the Schneider Electric brand, will have the brush horizontal with direct motorized drive, new high pressures for the lower parts also with American Hydraflex nozzles, a new chemical dispensing cycle for high pressure and new splash guards with an attractive design.

The new range is available from Feeney Vehicle Wash Systems.