Aldi debuts new convenience store format

Aldi debuts new convenience store format
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Discount retailer Aldi has launched the first Aldi Corner Store described as ‘a new local, art-infused, urban-oriented small format’ developed with global design firm Landini Associates, in Sydney, Australia. It aims to move the traditional Aldi model to a fresh local format for urban settings – being tried out first in Australia.

Aldi Corner Store

An Aldi spokesperson said “The Aldi Corner Store was commissioned by Australia for Australia, but local smaller formats are becoming increasingly important globally. However, Australia has had a growing influence on the evolving design in other markets.”

Aldi Australia plan an initial test of four Corner Stores, each about half the size of a standard 1,200-square-metre store.

Urban style

The new urban-style reveals that the metro concept store would feature a completely new layout, a ‘hole in the wall’ cafe, signage and ‘edgy street art.’

The modern format store features ‘better’ product displays, improved navigation, a modern interior design, redesigned shelving, expanded wooden produce bays, as well as extended energy efficient chillers.

The concept is Australia only for now – but the rest of the world is watching to see if and when it will be rolled out.