The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life

There is a saying “knowing your onions” or in the case of Charlie Guy knowing your jawbreakers from your spaghetti gum.

Charlie started Provincial Marketing back in 1993 as a distribution business for unique new products but he settled on novelty kid’s confectionery building the business from scratch he is now known and respected though out Ireland and the UK.

Charlie with his latest display stands
Charlie with his latest display stands

Charlie then co-founded Discount Commodity Supplies Ltd back in 2010 which developed the Aqua Twist water brand into the fastest growing water brand over the last five years.

In 2014, Charlie was offered the opportunity to take over the Sweetez Confectionery distribution business which operates mainly in the Republic of Ireland servicing all the Applegreen Sites as well as many independent retailers.  One year on, the business has grown by 15 per cent despite the sharp devaluation in the Euro at the beginning of 2015 which meant a refocusing of purchases from Euro suppliers.

Charlie hopes 2016 can see a further 30 per cent growth in sales by offering customers unique point of difference products combined with excellent friendly service.  Just this month the Sweetez brand has launched its new Euro/79p bag of kid’s sweets under the Kids Kandy Logo and also has secured sole distribution for the more adult orientated Kandy King range of bags which have an average weight of 180 – 215gm retailing between €1.50 – €2.00. They have also launched a state of the art Pic n Mix unit from Sweden which brings Pic n Mix right up to date to fit in the modern shop fits of today.

ONE Water, part of the Sweetez range

One very special product that both Sweetez Ltd and Provincial Marketing Ltd are promoting is the ONE JUICE range and ONE FLAVORED WATER, which has been specially developed by the ONE DIFFERENCE Organisation as a vehicle to raise money to provide clean drinking water for some of the poorest regions of Africa.

So far the organisation has raised a staggering £12 million and saved countless lives.  It is the hope of Provincial Marketing Ltd and Sweetez Ltd that one day all retailers will stock ONE JUICE and in doing so save even more lives.

Provincial Marketing Ltd over the years has been strong in the sourcing and distribution of residual branded stock within the FMCG business which now along with its sweet range can offer top brands in drinks, biscuits, snacks and household goods at way below normal cost allowing its customers to offer great deals with great margins to compete with the multinational supermarket chains.

All in all Provincial Marketing Ltd and Sweetez Ltd are excited by the opportunities that 2016 will present and wish to thank all its customers and suppliers