Soaring fuel sales with pay-at-pump

Soaring fuel sales with pay-at-pump

A newly refurbished Emo forecourt has been catching the attention of motorists in Dromore. IF&CR finds out more from Emo dealer partner, Chris McDonald.

Last year Moundview Service Station in Dromore underwent a dramatic transformation, increasing its shop floor capacity from 1,700 to 6,000 sq. ft. as well as adding a host of new facilities both in store and on the forecourt.

Most recently, dealer Chris McDonald, transformed his Emo forecourt into the network’s popular pay-at-pump model. In the beginning customers were sceptical about the new payment method but after a few weeks those concerns dissipated to be replaced by record-breaking fuel sales.

“After 4-5 weeks it just took off,” says Chris. “We went from selling one load of fuel a week to needing three to keep the tanks topped up.”

Part of what makes the model so attractive to his customers, Chris believes, is that it is a 24/7 service.

“It’s really convenient if you’re in a rush,” he says. “If people are doing the school run or on the way to a meeting they can come in, fill up their tank, and be back on the road immediately without having the queue at the tills.

”Overall it’s been a very good decision and I definitely don’t miss the drive-offs!”

The refurbishment of the store under the Eurospar brand, to include a new butchery, hot and cold deli, and additional car parking spaces has meant that shop purchases have continued on the same upwards trajectory as fuel sales.

“Dromore is a commuter town and due to the position of our site, just before the 30mph speed  sign, means we get lots of business from motorists who are passing by,” says Chris. “For me, Emo is an instantly recognised brand with very a bright and modern image that helps to draw those customers in.

“Emo’s brand strapline is ‘energy you can depend on’ and I think that is evidenced throughout the country as Emo constantly expand its network of high profile sites.”

Despite having an expanding network of dealers across the country, Emo’s fast and efficient delivery service is what appeals most to Chris about the fuel brand.

“I can’t praise their delivery service enough,” he says. “It can take as little as three hours from ordering the stock to it arriving on my site. The whole process is extremely well organised from placing orders with the operations hub to the modern delivery fleet; it’s a very personal service.”

While being able to speak to a friendly, local manager is a major plus for Chris, Emo dealers also benefit from being a part of one of Europe’s largest fuel suppliers; DCC Energy. With a range of flexible packages available, dealers can opt for a service that is expertly tailored to the individual needs of their site. One aspect of his value added dealer package that Chris is especially thankful for is daily pricing.

“I really like how we receive a daily price and are able to see how the market is moving. That, and the great relationship I have with business development manager, Richard Irvine is what really makes the partnership so easy.

“They couldn’t have been more helpful when I was expanding the site and if it wasn’t for Emo the location would have stayed at the same size and not realised its potential.

“Managing director, Pat O’Neill gave me permission to expand the new store on top of Emo’s oil storage distribution and for that I will be forever grateful.”