Show Grime Who’s Boss!

No matter what the job at hand is Grime Boss heavy duty hand wipes offer a quick and easy cleaning solution to remove unwanted dirt.

Sealants, paints, oils and grease don’t stand a chance against these wipes either and that’s why they are the clean-up tool of choice for mechanics, plumbers, electricians and just about anybody who is tackling tough jobs.

Specially formulated to provide effective cleaning but still be kind to your hands Grime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help protect and moisturize your skin whilst you are ‘on the go’.

Grime Boss Heavy Duty Wipes look after your hands. All you have to do is look after your work!

For further details on Grime Boss products and offers contact the Team PR Reilly Sales team on +353 (0)1 832 0006 or email