Sales boom for Applegreen Vegan Sausage Roll

Sales boom for Applegreen Vegan Sausage Roll

Sales across the Applegreen hot deli have increased by 13% since the launch of its vegan sausage roll in April.

There has also been a further uplift of 43% across the sausage roll range since this time last year.

The Applegreen vegan sausage roll, known as The Vegan, is an exclusive recipe made with a plant-based blend of soyabean, chickpeas, herbs and spices wrapped in a flaky puff pastry.

Commenting on the success, Aaron Duggan, Head of Food, Applegreen said; “As the first retailer in Ireland to sell an Irish made vegan sausage roll nationwide, we had anticipated a certain level of hype, similar to that seen by the success of Greggs’ product launch, however the response to “The Vegan” is far greater than we imagined.  “The Vegan”  currently accounts for 19% of all our sausage roll sales, this has far exceeded our expectations.”

Being sold in 81 Applegreen stores nationwide at an introductory price of €1 the vegan sausage roll is not just for vegans.  The sales figures show the popularity of “The Vegan” amongst Applegreen existing customers and new customers alike.

Aaron Duggan continued: “We’re seeing the benefit of offering our customers a wider choice of good quality food on the go.  A robust advertising and PR campaign raised awareness of “The Vegan” but I believe people are coming back into our stores because the taste speaks for itself.  It has a delicious taste and texture, is a good source of protein and our customers tell me it’s surprisingly meaty!  From reviewing the sales figures, it’s clear “The Vegan” has contributed to driving sales across our entire Bakewell café and shop retail offering, attracting new customers and vegans alike.”

Applegreen is passionate about delivering the most innovative, high-quality, great tasting food to all their customers, being first to market with many products and sourced in Ireland where possible.

By choosing Applegreen you are also choosing to do good for others.  Every time a customer makes a purchase, be it in-store or on fuel, 1c is donated to the Applegreen Charitable Fund at no extra cost to the customer.  In 2018, an impressive circa €750,000 was donated to Irish charities, giving much needed support to the incredible work done by these organisations every day.