The Fairview restaurant serves a range of food from ramen dishes to sushi – now brought to the table by an electronic server.

Staff from Senbazuru Izakaya say robot Bella not only brings food and drinks to tables, but she can also interact with customers.

“When we touch her head, she will say your hand is so warm or sometimes she gets angry when you don’t stop touching her ears,” they said.

Bella comes from China and not only entertains customers, but is able to carry eight different meals to a table at once.

Makers Pudu say: “With the widespread application of artificial intelligence, technology restaurants that are in movies are now appearing in real life. The Bella Bot can help save delivery time, allowing customers to enjoy the food in the shortest possible time.

“She can deliver at least eight different dishes at a time and we hope all of our customers have the best dining experience with her. She even reduces human contact which makes our customers feel more secure when they come to dine in our restaurant.”