Margin Manager – providing a competitive edge

Margin Manager – providing a competitive edge


For years, fuel retailers have struggled setting the selling prices of their fuel to remain competitive in an ever-changing market, whilst still maintaining profit margins.

There has long been a need for a fuel pricing application that is able to centralise pricing data and advice on the best-selling rates. Thankfully, Fairbanks has always kept innovation at the top of its agenda.

This spring, Fairbanks launched Station Manager 365, a brand new web portal giving you complete visibility and control over your fuel business; now, they bring you Margin Manager.

This latest addition to the Station Manager 365 dashboard provides you with everything you need in order to make essential fuel pricing decisions. With the touch of a button, Margin Manager can help you to optimise margins, calculate accurate profits and create successful pricing strategies.

Fairbanks understands how difficult it can be for you to set the selling price of your fuel day-to-day and maintain desired profit margins, without knowing the exact value of your underground stock. With regular deliveries all supplying you with fuel charged at differing rates, it is impossible to be sure that the price at which you are selling your fuel is earning you the desired profit margin. Margin Manager removes the guesswork.

The intelligent application continually updates you on the optimum selling price range required to retain your margin, as the stock depletes and the value changes, so that you can set your daily rates safe in the knowledge that they directly reflect the true worth of your fuel stock.

Of course, other factors can also have an effect on your fuel pricing decisions, such as competitor rates in your local area. Using their fuel pricing tool, you can easily look back over your selling prices and compare them to those of your competitors’, allowing you to make a more informed pricing decision.

Furthermore, this resourceful tool can help you evaluate your pricing decisions so that you can create successful strategies in the future. Margin Manager pitches your historical selling prices against actual sales or profits, so that you can easily view how your pricing choices have impacted upon your returns.

For 20 years, Fairbanks has been committed to providing quality, innovative fuel management solutions to its customers and this most recent improvement is no exception. Save time, improve profitability and transform the way you manage your fuel business with Margin Manager – the future of fuel pricing.

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