Kennedy Bacon – Bacon at its best, bacon like it used to be

Kennedy Bacon – Bacon at its best, bacon like it used to be

There’s nothing quite like the scent of sizzling bacon – that tastes and smells the way it used to!

Traditional bacon producer Kennedy’s has been farming pigs since the 1940s from its family farm near Omagh – and it’s still a family business  producing bacon and selling in to local markets and shops across Northern Ireland and Ireland.

With a new processing factory in Magheraroarty on the pier in Donegal and further expansion plans, Kennedy Bacon is creating employment and supplying its traditional style bacon to Hendersons, Musgraves, local butchers, retailers, hotels, sandwich companies, fast food outlets , farm shops  and convenience stores.

The company also sells in various traditional farmers markets – where its products are sought after by consumers week after week.

Kennedy’s Cooked Bacon Bits (Lardons) are proving to be a hit with consumers and retailers alike. The tasty ‘bits’ are ideal for pizza toppings and a whole range of dishes, but it’s the traditional rashers and gammons that remain the mainstay of the business.

Retaining its reputation as an artisan, family run business – with dry cured, no water added bacon, this traditional style and taste has ensured Kennedy Bacon has reaped many  awards and accolades.

Kennedy Bacon has been awarded Stars for Dry Cured Back and Streaky bacon in 2018 and 2019

In 2017, Kennedy Bacon received a BEST IN FARMERS MARKET AWARD from Blas na h Eireann and its Dry Cured Gammon Steaks got 2 Stars and its Dry Cured Back Bacon got 1 Star.

In 2016 – Dry Cured Gammon Roast 2 Stars /Dry Cured Smoked, Dry Cured Bacon Loin Roast and Dry Cured Streaky Bacon all gained a star and the year before, in 2015 Kennedy’s Dry Cured Traditional Back Bacon received a star from the Great Taste Awards.

Kennedy Bacon is now officially a Great Taste Producer, and has been in the Blas na hEireann Finals for the past two years with its Dry Cured Smoked Bacon and Dry Cured Lardons

The company has an EC Reference to export our products and maintains a hygiene Rating of 5.

The Omagh Branch has been audited and  awarded  SALSA Accreditations for the past 4 years.

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For further information email or phone 028 8224 2658 or 078 1860 5689.