Junction 14 has undergone a total transformation

Junction 14 has undergone a total transformation

The customer is at the heart of the complete revamp of Junction 14 on the M7 – and the result is a fabulous food court with a fuel offering.

And according to manager Gavin Moran, the whole process of transformation was embarked upon with a focus on changing consumer demands, trends and behaviours.

In an in-depth interview appearing in the newest issue of IFCR, he reveals how Junction 14 has evolved from its original incarnation as a forecourt to a food court with a fuel offering – thanks to in-depth market research.

“We simply asked the customers – what do you want?” Mr Moran says.

“We also asked customers – when you think of Junction 14 what comes to mind? The overwhelming response was coffee. The market research proved that we needed a better coffee offering – so along with the coffee dock, we now have an enhanced new Insomnia barista counter, and coffee available from some of our other concessions.

“Pizza was another big response – hence Papa John’s was added.

“People also said they wanted Mexican, so Zambrero was added to the new brand suite. People said they wanted treats – so that led to Gino’s Gelato, and of course, the deli had always been popular.

“We rebranded it to Mayfield Fare. Of course we still have the full carvery offering, made from our own kitchens.”

The site now includes a new upmarket SPAR with a bright new sitting area, improved toilet facilities, a newly restyled outdoor seating area and garden which is more of a full and spacious plaza.

The children’s play area has been extended and improved and a new instore off licence is in the works.

And yet the fuel offering is still key and innovation top of the agenda, with a new EV charging area alongside the Texaco forecourt.

Junction 14 is the first E-car charging site in Ireland with four super-chargers and two slow chargers.

“We’ve made something very special – a place where everyone involved can feel very proud,” Gavin says.

To find out more, read the full profile in the latest issue of IFCR magazine HERE.