Petrotec moves forward into the e-mobility sector with Hellonext

Petrotec moves forward into the e-mobility sector with Hellonext

The global electric vehicle market has taken a huge leap forward in the past decade.

Despite some barriers to its adoption, the industry is moving ahead and Petrotec has recently presented a new set of EV charging solutions and services.

The group’s brand, Hellonext, aims to provide the most effective EV charging solutions, turning them into a mainstream service, accessible for everyone.

Hellonext is building the pathway for a highly effective and robust network of EV chargers by providing car owners and service providers the tools they need to achieve a smarter and sustainable mobility ecosystem.

From the delivery of a single residential EV charger to the deployment of full turnkey solutions, the company provides the required infrastructure to shape the next mobility ecosystem.

EV Charging Models

With a wide range of models available, Hellonext provides both AC and DC charging solutions that can adapt to a multitude of environments.

Hellonext EV solutions cover every sector of the EV market including fuel stations, residential, corporate workplace, local authority, car, van & bus fleet, retail park, hospitality, and car park charging.


There are numerous models to fit any customer requirement from AC to DC charging and charging power of 7kw to 180kw.

AC Charging models range from 7kw to 44 kw and can be wall-mounted or based on a pedestal for a more practical and compact installation.

DC Charging models range from 30kw to 180kw and provide wall, movable and free-standing options. The unique 30kw movable option can be easily used in a car cleaning business or used for mobile top up charging.

Fuel station integration

Hellonext free-standing fast chargers can be perfectly integrated into a fuel station environment or dedicated EV charging hub site.

The company provides full turnkey solutions from electrical design, planning, grid connection, installation supporting all projects phases required to build an EV Charging facility.

All models are built with superior quality and safety standards and backed by our industry-leading maintenance team for fast turnaround of on-site servicing.

With the growth of forecourt EV installation, Hellonext offers Ultra-Fast DC charging for shorter customer charging times.

The Hellonext H2 180 Model is the highest-powered solution, with simultaneous charging outputs able to ensure the maximum power for each customer. All models are easy to install and maintain and are fully customisable to the retailer’s brand.