Irish Brands Fulfil and Mude gain access to the SPAR international retail store network

Irish Brands Fulfil and Mude gain access to the SPAR international retail store network
Catherina Butler, Founder, The Naked Collective (owner of Mude), Barry Connolly, Managing Director, Richmond Marketing (Distributor of Fulfil) and Simon Marriott, Chief Operations Officer, BWG Foods

Fulfil and Mude nominated to lucrative Challenger Brand Programme by BWG Foods, owner of SPAR Ireland

 Two of Ireland’s most exciting food brands, Fulfil and Mude, have secured potentially highly valuable commercial agreements with SPAR International, as part of the group’s Challenger Brand Programme which connects the SPAR network across the world with pioneering food brands having strong international growth potential.

Through these commercial agreements, Fulfil, based in West Dublin, and Mude, based in County Kildare, will gain access to selected buying teams across the 48 countries in which SPAR operates worldwide. Both brands are already in consultation with SPAR internationally  as part of their new commercial agreements.

Brand Challenger Programme

SPAR International’s Brand Challenger Programme was established in 2019 with the aim of identifying innovative and purpose-driven brands capable of disrupting the food and beverage industry. Through this programme, each of SPAR’s 48 markets globally have the opportunity to nominate extraordinary candidate brands that meet a strict set of criteria.

Fulfil and Mude are the first Irish brands to have secured places in the programme and to obtain international commercial agreements as a result, having been nominated by BWG Foods, owner of SPAR Ireland. Fulfil was selected based on its track record of disrupting the protein bar category through its portfolio of innovative products that prioritise high protein, vitamins, and low sugar. Mude, a carbon neutral beverage company, was selected based on its strong commitment to sustainability and transparency in creating healthy, functional drinks. As a prerequisite, both brands were required to demonstrate their ability to uphold robust supply chains in meeting increased international demand as they continue to expand.

Potential for international growth

Simon Marriott, Chief Operations Officer, BWG Foods said, “From working closely with the teams in Fulfil and Mude and having observed how they have successfully disrupted the Irish market in their respective categories, it’s clear that these brands have significant potential for international growth. Their brand propositions are closely aligned with the wants, needs and expectations of today’s increasingly savvy consumer and I’m delighted that we in BWG Foods have the opportunity to help accelerate their international growth trajectory.

Tobias Wasmuht, CEO of SPAR International added, “Fulfil and Mude fit with SPAR’s goals of introducing innovative, purpose-driven brands with a proven success in one or more markets, to new regions through our international network. These agreements offer a global platform to both companies to replicate their success in Ireland and grow their market presence together with SPAR worldwide.”

Fulfil first listed with BWG Foods in 2016 and experienced phenomenal sales growth, gaining significant market share in the bar category. Fulfil is now on sale in approximately 400 SPAR stores across the country. Mude was first listed with BWG Foods during the pandemic in September 2020 and is projected to experience strong sales growth over the coming summer period.