The roles will be both full and part-time and will include in-store workers and contract delivery drivers.

The company says it requires the significant increase in staffing as it prepares for the busy festive season and the winter of international football.

It estimates around 700,000 pizzas will be ordered during the period.

“As we approach a very busy period with international football and the festive peak, we are excited to announce 1,000 new roles with Domino’s across Ireland,” said Scott Bush, Domino’s Pizza Group, Ireland CEO.

“We are proud to be able to offer a range of flexible in-store and contract driver roles, which may be suited to those looking for additional employment opportunities or to fit around study or family life.”

Domino’s Pizza Group has 1,200 stores across the UK and Ireland. Together they deliver over 106 million pizzas a year. It currently has around 35,000 staff.