Charlestown welcomes Supermacs and new Top Oil forecourt

Charlestown welcomes Supermacs and new Top Oil forecourt

Supermac’s founder Pat McDonagh has opened a Top Oil branded forecourt in Co Mayo, and it’s a huge hit with the local town, according to manager Adrian Feerick.

The arrival of Pat McDonagh’s newest forecourt in Co Mayo was big news for the area, hitting the headlines in the Connaught Telegraph.

Inside the Charlestown forecourt

“Excitement at the opening of new Supermac’s” read the enthusiastic headline, with the story detailing the range of new food franchises and the addition of a Top Oil forecourt.

For this small town, halfway between Galway and Sligo, the forecourt has put the area firmly on the map and provided 30 jobs for local people that would have otherwise faced a long commute, or even a new life in a new city.

“Everyone in the town has been giving us a lot of compliments,” said 31-year-old manager Adrian Feerick. “We have a lot of local staff and the community around here really appreciates a local jobs boost like this.”

Despite his relative youth, Adrian has spent over 13 years in retail management, and is keen to ensure the business fulfils its potential.

“This is a small vibrant town, with a very strong community spirt,” he said. “It would have been a market town, but now it’s more for commuters who travel to Galway or Sligo, or the other nearby towns.

“But that means there’s a very regular flow of traffic through the area, and that’s good for business.”

The store is packed with food-to-go solutions
The store is packed with food-to-go solutions

The site, formerly ran by a local owner, had been a fixture of the town for 30 years before being sold to Pat McDonagh and earning a new fascia and a bunch of new franchises.

Along with a Top Oil canopy and pumps, the site has a Spar shop, the legendary Supermac’s, Papa John’s Pizza, SuperSubs, Mac’s Place Deli & Carvery, and Bewleys Coffee.

It’s a lot of brands for its modest 2,000 square foot footprint; but the team have come up with an innovative way around the problem of space.

“We transform the SuperSub into a Papa John’s after 4.30pm every day,” Adrian explained. “It’s the best way to make the most of the space we have at the counter.”

The Papa Johns and Supermac's counter
The Papa Johns and Supermac’s counter

According to Adrian, Supermac’s remains the big driver for business at the site, and is a powerful attraction. Indeed, Adrian had previously told the Connaught Telegraph how a bus load of students from St Attracta’s in Tubbercurry had been among the site’s first customers within an hour of its opening.

“It’s also the blend of the offer,” Adrian added. “There’s such a wide range that everyone can get something they want, and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the SuperSubs counter – that’s been very popular.”

Adrian and his hard-working staff
Adrian and his hard-working staff

This varied food court offer also needed a successful forecourt to complete the overall approach, which for Adrian is where Top Oil came in.

The coffee kiosk
The coffee kiosk

“They’re a really good company to work with,” said Adrian. “They put a lot of effort into their local marketing at the site. They’re also very active in getting people to sign up to their extended range of services including fuel card, and driving value. It means we’re also very competitive on price, which offers real value for the site. We’re very happy with them.”

Manager Adrian Feerick
Manager Adrian Feerick

Speaking to us just two weeks after the site first opened its doors; Adrian explained the initial excitement of the opening was still bringing many people into the store and forecourt.

And despite the soft opening, word has got around in a big way.

“The first week saw a huge buzz around the opening, and people were coming to see what it is like. We’ve seen a lot of the people who came initially out of curiosity come back and expect this to continue during the run-up to Christmas.”

“Footfall has been really strong, and we’re focusing on growing fuel volumes with Top Oil. So far it’s been very steady, and we’re very happy with it.”

For Adrian, the challenge now is to build on the excitement of the opening, and continue the site’s significant momentum.

“My focus is ensuring the site is exceptionally well maintained to the high standards that customers have come to expect from brands like Supermacs and Top Oil” he explained. “Customer service is my priority at all times – it’s the only way.”