Aramark says EV network ‘not where it needs to be’ for rapid change

Aramark says EV network ‘not where it needs to be’ for rapid change

Aramark says that Ireland’s EV infrastructure isn’t where it needs to be to help the company switch its fleet to electric vehicles.

In an interview appearing in the forthcoming Ireland’s Forecourt & Convenience Retailer yearbook, the services giant’s Northern Europe CEO Frank Gleeson opened up on the company’s plans to move to net zero by 2050.

“Aramark Northern Europe, including our UK, Ireland and Global offshore business, has worked diligently, to understand, interrogate, and improve upon the impact of our operations; all the while ensuring that we also improve our services for clients and customers alike,” he said.

“The urgency of the climate crisis has renewed our focus on innovation, collaboration, and competition on a scale that we have never seen before.

“There is no sustainability practice or effort too small, nor too insignificant, once it is firmly rooted in the intent to do right. With that in mind, everyone in our organisation is committed to playing their part in ensuring we meet our Net Zero Roadmap and Commitments for the region.”

To deliver its ambitious global target, the company will transform carbon-intensive areas of operations, as well as working with suppliers to change contributing factors within the supply chain.

A key commitment is to replace the existing fleet of diesel and petrol owned and leased vehicles to electric vehicles (EV) as soon as is practical and train drivers how to drive more efficiently to reduce emissions, which will be monitored and captured by telematics.

Mr Gleeson said: “As it stands – the forecourt environment in Ireland has made significant strides in the provision of charging points at all levels, but wider national EV infrastructure is not quite where it needs to be to transition our fleet as aggressively as other companies.

“However, we have a fantastic fleet team who are consistently reviewing improvements and advancements in battery range and manufacturer offers so that we can ensure to bring more EV with every stage of fleet renewal.”