A firm grip on success

A firm grip on success

GripHero launch biodegradable hand-protection and assist retailers in complying with new labelling legislation.

New fuel labelling directive, EN‐16942

As many forecourts are now aware, there is a directive change to the labelling of fuels coming into force throughout the EU from September 1, 2019. The aim of this directive is to standardise fuel identification and help prevent misfuelling. To accommodate this requirement every nozzle within the EU will need to be adapted to carry this new identifier. All fuel‐labels on the GripHero dispensers are already compliant to this directive, and have been since the product was launched. Interest in GripHero has increased sharply with the product not only enabling forecourts to demonstrate best endeavours to driver health and safety and reducing unnecessary waste, but also complying with this new legislation.

Silver award winner!

The accolades keep on coming.

GripHero Ltd, the developer of the world’s first fuel nozzle‐mounted hand protection dispenser, has won silver at the prestigious Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards 2019, which honour services and products that have had the biggest impact on the health and safety industry over the past year. Winning silver is seen as an outstanding achievement for the Devon‐based business, which only launched its revolutionary new forecourt fuel pump dispenser and anti‐static, fully recyclable hand‐protection in October 2018. Since then GripHero has gone on to introduce bright pink recycling bins and the world’s first oxobiodegradable hand‐protection option for forecourts. The award recognises GripHero’s global potential, and the fact that its dispensers are changing the face of forecourts throughout the UK and Ireland, protecting the health and wellbeing of millions of drivers up and down the country.

Another world 1st

GripHero launch a new OxoBiodegradable variant of antistatic handprotection.

GripHero has announced that it will launch the world’s first anti‐static, oxo‐biodegradable hand protection solution at the Forecourt Show this April. The new oxo‐biodegradable hand‐protection joins GripHero’s range of hand‐protection options, which includes its 100 percent recyclable, anti‐static hand‐protection. Created to meet demand in countries that do not have a recycling or composting infrastructure, the oxo‐biodegradable material ensures that drivers can use hand‐protection at the pump, which decomposes naturally with oxygen within 12‐24 months. The product meets legislative requirements in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, which stipulates that only oxo-biodegradable plastic can be used in the production of plastic bags or other disposable plastic objects. It also meets requirements set out by Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East which are also expected to show interest in the product, which has significant benefits over other plastics that can take decades to degrade.

Managing director of GripHero, Oli Yeo said: “We believe in using environmentally friendly materials and reducing unnecessary waste, helping forecourts to recycle where recycling solutions are available, and enabling countries without such solutions to minimize the impact of plastics in the environment; all while enabling drivers to maintain clean, uncontaminated hands, enhancing health and wellbeing.”