M1 takes future of the car wash into the fast lane

M1 takes future of the car wash into the fast lane


M1 is the new rollover designed by ISTOBAL. Simplicity, reliability and a competitive price are the highlights of this model that completes the line of rollovers offering solutions for all needs.

The M1 is designed to meet the needs of workshops, showrooms and rent-a-car companies that require a simple, efficient wash of a quality comparable with that of higher range models, but without the need for extras such as high-pressure, colour foam or special waxes.

This new model is designed for facilities with a throughput of up to 1.000 vehicles per month.


On the M1, the traditional hydraulic circuits have been replaced by locating the different rinsing, shampoo and foam nozzles at specific points, which means that the product is applied with pinpoint accuracy and thus with minimum water consumption.

As with all other rollovers, electricity consumption is important. Accordingly, the dryer comprises 4 turbines with 3 kW motors, giving a total of 12 kW of power.


  • Super active foam
  • Complete dry 12 kW
  • Wheelwash
  • Service hoses by loops or single loop
  • On-board or on site controls
  • Entry lights
  • Centring guides


The wash quality is non-negotiable, which is why the whole process on the M1 is as tightly controlled as on the top range models. The transducers used to measure the consumption of the brush spin motors are the essential element of control.

To ensure the perfect wash of any type of vehicle, the M1 does an overlapping wash on the front and rear of the vehicles.

Unlike the pneumatic brush travel systems normally used on low cost wash ranges, the M1 includes as standard, a brush travel system powered by motors to ensure that the system works perfectly.


  • Wash height (mm) 2300
  • Maximum wash width* (mm) 2500
  • Maximum machine width* (mm) 3650
  • Length of rails (m) 3085
  • Minimum machine width* (mm) 9 or10