Transforming Topaz into Circle K with Irish Prestige Signs

Transforming Topaz into Circle K with Irish Prestige Signs

Rolling out a major corporate rebrand is no easy task, but with almost 50 years of experience, Irish Prestige Signs is well equipped for any job.

In 2017 Irish Prestige Signs Ltd (IPS) were awarded the contract to introduce the ‘Miles’ brand to the petroleum market on behalf of Topaz. Very simply, rebranding the entire refuelling area; to start telling their story. The timescale to carry out these works was 6 months from start to finish, the target to complete the programme in excess of 400 sites nationwide – North & South by the end of August 2017. From implementation of the brand manual to suit the Irish market, to manufacturing and through to installation, IPS planned the project down to the last screw and the last man and the company delivered the project on time and within budget, all the while acting as brand ambassadors for Circle K, ensuring that guidelines were adhered to.

The Miles programme gave IPS the impetus to put themselves forward as a suitable candidate when the main Circle K Re-Brand tender was up for consideration. IPS were successful in their bid for the full corporate rebrand from Topaz to Circle K which commenced in April 2018.

Of course, the corporate rebrand of a major player in any industry sector can present opportunities and challenges alike. This didn’t put IPS off. A challenge is merely another way to view an opportunity and make the situation work for the company. IPS embraced the task ahead of them in 2018 – A task which would not suit the faint hearted or under prepared!

A purpose-built app was developed to conduct site surveys enabling IPS to complete 440 site surveys in 10 weeks. The software enabled our operations team to estimate well in advance material and labour requirements and based on the information obtained, installation crews were established in strategic areas of the country.

To deliver this project IPS had to double its existing workforce and train a large proportion of new staff for manufacturing and installation tasks. All crews received extensive training and the company put a concerted emphasis on Health and Safety which included the appointment of a PSDP and 2 full time PSCS’s to oversee the programme. The company’s training and development costs were elevated to a new high, but this is what it took to ensure they were HSA compliant and more importantly, that each of the crew members felt safe in their working environment.

The company’s long-standing relationships with suppliers paid dividends when negotiating lead times for deliveries, thus ensuring commencement of production well in advance of the installation dates. Once suppliers and staff were engaged, the final part of the puzzle was resolved when IPS to acquired additional manufacturing space and equipment for the Circle K bespoke products.

All of the above, ensured that IPS were in a position to continue servicing other customers with no pressures on manufacturing, whilst the new plant handled products only for Circle K.

Through lengthy planning around purchasing materials, manufacturing, staffing, finance criteria, recruiting, educating and training new staff to the final detail of where this work would logistically be carried out, IPS had it all arranged. Everyone in the organisation took ownership and pride in each of the tasks which faced them. Due to the commitment of the team, the experience of senior staff and management, all deadlines were met and the project is currently four months ahead of target

As Irish Prestige Signs approaches its 50th year in business, it is a remarkable testament to their ability to deal with a project of this magnitude. Perhaps this is what it takes to remain the largest sign manufacturer in Ireland, satisfying customers needs on an ongoing basis, in a professional manner.