The place to buy fuel? Try Venezuela

New statistics have revealed the huge disparity in petrol and diesel prices around the world.

The 2015 figures from show huge variance even within Europe, while, world-wide, the contrast is astounding.

The globe’s most expensive fuel is found in Norway, where drivers are currently being asked to shell out €1.85 per litre – some 45 cent more than the continent’s cheapest pump prices in Germany.

For the world’s least expensive fuel, you have to travel to Venezuela, where a litre of petrol is a jaw-dropping two cents a litre. Diesel is cheaper still – just one cent per litre, and filling a modern car would cost around €0.50.

Oil accounts for about 95 per cent of the South American country’s exports, and its government has subsidised the domestic price for decades. Although the ruling socialist party has threatened to end the price protection, the idea has proven unpopular with citizens despite costing the state some €13.7 billion ($15 billion) a year.

Infographic of world fuel prices for 2015
Infographic of world fuel prices for 2015