Tasty, Healthy Sourdough Range from Gallagher’s Bakehouse

Tasty, Healthy Sourdough Range from Gallagher’s Bakehouse
Gallagher’s Bakery CEO, Patrick O’Sullivan, checks out the first batch of the new Gallagher’s Bakehouse range before it is dispatched.

Gallagher’s Bakehouse launch new range of conveniently packaged sourdough

Donegal-based Gallagher’s Bakery has returned to its roots to produce a new range of sourdough breads that are lighter, tastier, and healthier.

The Gallagher’s Bakehouse sourdough range was created at the bakery in the village of Ardara Co. Donegal, and involves traditional baking techniques, which include a sourdough starter that ferments for 12 hours.

The result is a range of great-tasting packaged sourdough breads, baps and buns – on shelves in the bread aisle – which are a great source of protein and fibre. One of the products in particular is high in Vitamin D3 which is beneficial for the immune system. Sourdough is generally rich in prebiotics, which complement good gut health and enhance the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

Sourdough ‘on-trend’

Gallagher’s CEO, Patrick O’Sullivan acknowledged that sourdough has been growing in popularity generally in recent years, and the lockdowns of 2020 have seen it becoming particularly ‘on-trend’. He hopes the Gallagher’s Bakehouse range will change the way people think about bread.

Mr O’Sullivan said: “People are more conscious than ever of what they are putting into their body and want healthier food with more nutrients and fewer added additives or preservatives. They want to eat well and, when it comes to bread, that means great taste, great texture and great for gut health.

Traditional ways

“Traditional sliced pan is getting a bit old – we decided it was time to go back to our roots and create bread in a traditional way, that takes a bit longer to make. Our new Gallagher’s Bakehouse range is an opportunity for bread lovers to experience healthier, tastier products that we know they’re looking for and we’re certain they’ll enjoy.

“Our handcrafted sourdough starts with a sourdough starter that contains good bacteria which is rich in prebiotics. We take our time slowly crafting the bread, allowing the dough to ferment for more than 12 hours. The combination of the good bacteria and slow fermentation help produce nutrients for our bodies that lead to a healthier digestive system.

“Our unique Gallagher’s Bakehouse mild sourdough flavour allows everyone to enjoy our bread, and there are no added preservatives and no added additives. It is simply bread made better!”

The new Gallagher’s Bakehouse range consists of sliced family-sized and smaller-sized Rustic White, Wholemeal and Multigrain family pans, bloomers, baps, gourmet brioche burger buns, and a new handcrafted healthy range of Digestive Boost, Vitamin Boost, and Spelt & Oats loaves. The full range is on shelf in shops now.

Gallagher’s Bakery has a track record of innovation in the retail bakery sector. Sister brand, Promise Gluten Free brand has become the No1 gluten free bakery brand in Ireland since its re-launch in 2019, while also successfully launching the brand in international markets.

Master Baker, Peter Boyle inspecting the first batch of the new Gallagher’s Bakehouse range for delivery.