Amazon’s Alcohol Sales ‘Through the Roof’

Amazon’s Alcohol Sales ‘Through the Roof’

Amazon’s alcohol sales have soared in 2020, according to Profitero’s Pandemic Price Price Wars study.

Online alcohol sales are up 121 per cent year on year, with the online superstore beating supermarkets on price. Ireland’s forecourts and convenience stores with off-sales sections continue to have competitive offerings, but the e-commerce super-giant will continue to see its alcohol sales increase, with home delivery appealing to many Amazon shoppers.

With the pandemic 2020 festive season in full swing, Amazon appears to have the strongest price position versus other major retailers studied by Profitero.  Compared to Tesco, Amazon’s online prices were 13% lower, on average, across the 16 consumer product categories compared.

Further growth is expected with the e-commerce giant’s ‘aggressive pricing strategy’ – which could potentially impact off-sales across Ireland and the UK.

The sales spike has mainly been driven by spirits – in particular gin and whiskey, not just for home consumption but for gifting, all year round.

According to Kantar, alcohol sales have risen just over 18 per cent so far this year, as lockdowns saw more indoor, take-home consumption.

Amazon has seen its sales of alcohol increase steadily each year – especially at Christmas time, with competitive pricing being the main driver.