Spar Loughbrickland first to install EDGEPoS system

Spar Loughbrickland first to install EDGEPoS system

Independently owned forecourt convenience operation, Spar Loughbrickland, County Down, has become the first service station to install the EDGEPoS self-checkout in store.

Co-owner Dale Beckett, co-owner, said: “We’re very excited to launch the self-scan checkout here at Spar Loughbrickland, staying ahead of the times.

Spar Loughbrickland first to install latest EDGEPoS self-checkout in store.

“The self-scan is very unique to convenience retailing, so unique in fact, that we are the first Spar filling station to have this till system installed.”

The EDGEPoS system is said to reduce customer waiting time by offering customers all the convenience of these payment services on every EDGEPoS till in store. No more long queues or turning your back on your customers is what the creators Henderson Technology has said about the newly installed system.

It can also give greater security by ensuring the system doesn’t settle the transaction until the cashier has received payment.

You can also have multiple pricing strategies across different stores or regions. Both head office and in store back office systems are as easy to use as the EDGEPoS till, and are based on ribbon bars, drop downs, point, click and drag.

Dale went on to state that, “Reacting to the trends of our shoppers, we have seen the advantages immediately of adding self-checkout to one of our tills.”

“Our rush of school children mainly pay by Apple Watch or smart phone, self-checkout has eliminated the queues onsite at this time.”

“Our customers still have the option of being served by a cashier; in fact we employed three more local staff in the same week that we launched our self-checkout.”

“We are able to provide both experiences to our customers, and EDGEPoS Self-Checkout enhances the unique and modern feel of our busy store.”