Solv-X brings Sanitiser Station to Irish market

Solv-X brings Sanitiser Station to Irish market

Retailers recognise that as well as meeting health and safety compliance obligations, it makes good business sense to offer staff and customers professional hand sanitisation solutions that build confidence and thrust that hygiene is critical to their business.

The company is launching with their free standing solution shown aimed at retail stores but also has a pipeline of bespoke solutions for a wide spectrum of public places.

The team at Safe Hand Sans wanted to offer a machine that met critical criteria of:

Easy to use – touch free, additional speed,

Easy to maintain – 6.5 litre capacity meaning 6.5 times less maintenance than typical 1 litre dispensers,

Cost effective – dosage control reduces gel spend by approx  50%, and minimises gel spill from unregulated units.

The launch unit shown comes in either stainless steel or option of corporate wrap that operates on rechargeable batteries with no installation required.

Having spoken to retailers about the challenges of maintaining low capacity often manually operated solutions, there is delight at having a unit that looks good and minimises cost.

McCarthy’s Spar Dame St Dublin Manageress Majella Caffolla explained: “The Safe Hands Machine is superb, it builds customers confidence with fast touch free dispensing and we have more than halved our gel usage with the dosage control. Our staff time is saved significantly also by reduced cleaning and refiling compared to 1 litre unit we had previously”.

A store with a 1000 visitors per day can expect to save over €2000 in gel costs over the course of a year meaning the unit effectively pays for itself in 1.5 months.

With hand hygiene critical for everyone’s long term future, these units are a welcome site on any shop floor.

To arrange a demonstration contact your local Solv-X Sales Rep or visit our new online order website PH 0845 4503704 , email