Retail Solutions – The market leaders in EPoS Innovation

Retail Solutions – The market leaders in EPoS Innovation

With over 20 years’ experience developing innovative Epos products for retailers in many sectors including convenience, supermarket, forecourts, hospitality, hardware and pharmacy, Retail Solutions continues to outperform its competitors.

Already a market leader in Ireland, it has managed to expand rapidly in recent years in both the UK and Australia.

Padraig Nolan, Retail Solutions business development manager said: “Retail Solutions know that our customers face many challenges in the modern commercial environment – worrying whether they are achieving the correct gross margin does not need to be another.”

Their Enterprise back office software provides the ultimate margin guardian for your business. Once any individual product of the thousands you stock fails to meet its expectation in terms of margin, Retail Solutions’ system automatically brings this to your attention, thus affording a retailer the opportunity to make a correction before it costs you money!

Further innovation has been delivered by customising the software for iPad and tablet, the introduction of customer loyalty modules, credit/fuel card integration, and Retail Solutions’ Web Link, which enables integration between Epos & the commercial website – all of which, in conjunction with remote login facilities, allows retailers to analyse and control their business, regardless of location.

Therefore, the company is delighted to continue its track record of delivering innovative Epos products  with the introduction to the Irish market of its ‘Smart Till’ cash drawer.

The SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution is the first intelligent cash drawer on the market that automates cash handling, improves security, and frees up staff to focus on customer-facing activities. This pioneering technology has the ability to count all notes and coins automatically within seconds of the cash drawer being closed.

With SMARTtill™ Technology, all cash handling activities are recorded with a date and time stamp as well as information on the cashier responsible, providing full accountability for every transaction. The SMARTtill™ Solution alerts forecourt managers/supervisors of any discrepancy immediately after the incident has occurred, allowing the error to be resolved on the spot.

This assists service station/forecourts to make significant savings when it comes to cash loss, with reductions of up to 90% being achieved by companies who have the SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution installed.

The SMARTtill™ Solution also delivers huge operational savings by greatly reducing the time spent on counting and managing cash. In some cases, forecourt retailers can realise labour savings of up to 30 minutes per day, per PoS terminal.

Daily cashing up becomes a thing of the past as the tills automatically reconcile every cash transaction and provide full reports for managers on vital figures including rolling floats values, change needed, top-up values, pick-up values and sales values. This ultimately frees up staff time from laborious daily cash handling procedures, allowing petrol forecourt staff to focus on other activities such as providing better customer service.

This innovative new EPoS product is the future of retail cash management system and Retail Solutions are delighted to launch it at the IPRA exhibition 2016.

Retail Solutions are dedicated to delivering world class innovation to our customers throughout the World. Padraig concluded: “Our continued success is a result of our commitment to developing innovative Epos products on a foundation of first class customer service, value for money and after sales support.”