Retail Excellence welcome roadmap to reopening

Retail Excellence welcome roadmap to reopening

Industry group Retail Excellence, the largest retail industry body in Ireland, has welcomed the roadmap to reopening Ireland’s retail sector.

A statement issued by Retail Excellence through their Group Chief Executive, David Fitzsimons said:

“Our members very much welcome the publication of the Government’s Reopening Roadmap. It provides clarity to all retail members as to when they can reopen and re-employ their colleagues.”

Mr Fitzsimons continued: “It is clear that Irish Retail will need significant recovery measures to survive the current extended pause in commerce, especially shopping centre located retailers, who now must wait until August 10 to reopen.

“A number of measures need to be implemented as quickly as possible to ensure that as many of the businesses and jobs as possible in the Industry are preserved,” he added.

Some of the proposed recovery measure include:

  • Three-month Government rent grant of 60% of the rent payable during the closure
  • The permanent cancellation of all Local Authority rates for all impacted businesses for a 12-month period.
  • The implementation liquidity measures to shore up cashflow and keep businesses alive.
  • Reemployment measures to ensure as many colleagues as possible are rehired.