New Ross based Nesty offers Unmanned Retail Systems

New Ross based Nesty offers Unmanned Retail Systems

New Ross based Nesty offers Unmanned Retail Systems, ideal for the forecourt and convenience sector – providing real cost savings for your business.

Nesty’s Unmanned Retail systems give businesses the ability to sell Hot, Ambient, Chilled or Frozen Food or other products such as Toiletries or Baby Care items 24/7.

Fresh baked pizza

The new Nesty Hot Pizza machines will freshly bake frozen pizza in just three minutes, perfect for a quick lunch, and a munch on the way home from work, college or even the pub!

Not only this, but you can now sell ice-creams at all hours of the day with a fully automated system maintained by Nesty who offer their services across all 32 counties of Ireland.

Deposit Return Scheme

With the Deposit Return Scheme due to start in early 2024, the range of Reverse Vending Machines supplied and serviced by Nesty will be of interest to any retailer of aluminium cans and plastic bottles. Retailers can choose from Single, Double and Large Modular machines which are sure to cover all levels of retailers demands.

An Automated system to return peoples deposits to them will be a much faster and cleaner system for any shop to have, instead of taking used bottles and cans in across the shop counter.

Facilities management

As part of Proserve Solutions Ltd which has been providing Facilities Management and Retail Fit-Outs for over fifteen years, Nesty can offer full installation, electrical and construction works, and even a full Retail Pod which can stand in a Car Park space to let shoppers swipe in with their bank card and purchase their late night shopping.

Garage forecourts are expanding their services offered to customers waiting for electric vehicles to charge, giving opportunities to offer suitable options to drivers.

Complete automated shop

Nesty can deliver a complete Automated Shop to forecourt owners, which is modular and can grow with your business.