Never fall victim to a drive-off again

Never fall victim to a drive-off again

FuelWatch is an automated system that delivers a High Definition (HD) report for every single fuel transaction that takes place on your forecourt.

Developed in-house by Forecourt and Retail security experts Senaca Group, the FuelWatch software has been tailored specifically to suit the requirements of the forecourt market.

Finding and printing a report can be achieved in as little as 5 clicks. That’s a full HD report, printed and on your desk in less than 1 minute!

In addition to the reports, the images from each transaction can appear on your POS screen, and the system can integrate with all major POS vendors.

From our extensive experience, your FuelWatch system will pay for itself in less than 4 months.

HOW IT WORKS: Our software runs on its own mini server in the manager’s office. When a pump is authorised, the FuelWatch system receives a trigger signal. The FuelWatch system positions a PTZ camera to capture a high definition image of the customer, registration plate and pump overview. The report is immediately available in the FuelWatch folder on the manager’s PC and can be retrieved and printed with ease.

WORKING TOGETHER: We have worked closely with all major POS vendors to ensure that we can deliver a seamless integration with your POS system.

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