Musgrave achieves Origin Green verification for fifth consecutive year

Musgrave achieves Origin Green verification for fifth consecutive year
Noel Keeley - Musgrave CEO

Musgrave is celebrating its Origin Green reverification for an impressive fifth consecutive year, becoming the longest verified retail member of the programme.

In 2016, Musgrave became the first food retail, wholesale, and foodservice company to attain membership of Origin Green – Ireland’s national sustainability programme for the food and drink industry. The prestigious programme, accredited by Bord Bia, enables the food and drink industry in Ireland to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve local communities more effectively.

Positive impact

Noel Keeley, Musgrave CEO, said “At Musgrave, it is our ambition to be the most trusted and most sustainable business in Ireland, making a real difference to people’s lives and creating a positive impact on the planet by working with key partners to make every community sustainable. We are acutely aware of the importance of sustainability on our journey to becoming a world-class food and beverage business, and as such, view Origin Green reverification as a strong endorsement of what we are doing as a company to grow good business. We remain focused on growing a sustainable business that benefits our people, partners, local communities, as well as the wider economy and society as a whole.”

Tara McCarthy, Bord Bia CEO, said “Musgrave’s reverification as an Origin Green member for a fifth consecutive year underscores the business’ genuine commitment to sustainability. From building communities by supporting local producers and keeping towns clean, through to reducing the use of plastics and cutting carbon emissions, Musgrave has achieved a great deal over the past five years as a member of Origin Green. We look forward to continuing to work with Musgrave as it continually seeks to challenge and improve its sustainability performance.”

Specific targets

In order to become reverified, Musgrave had to demonstrate its ambition, initiatives, and specific targets in respect of key sustainability areas which the business has committed to over the lifetime of its current strategy. Musgrave also pledged to continually update Bord Bia in relation to progress against its various commitments and will be subject to ongoing verification and review by external parties.

As a reverified Origin Green member, Musgrave is committed to building on its sustainability credentials and to achieve ambitious targets in key areas in accordance with the company’s sustainability strategy. The core pillars of Musgrave’s approach to sustainability include community, climate action, sourcing, and the circular economy.

Musgrave’s sustainability achievements and commitments

  • Continues to source 100% green electricity
  • Reduced total carbon emissions by 30% since 2006
  • Recycling rates have increased to over 95% from 65% since 2006
  • Reduced general waste by 90% since 2006
  • All beef and lamb sourced from Origin Green suppliers
  • Sales of Food Academy suppliers grew by 15% during 2020
  • Growing sales of sustainable eco-products by 10% p/a
  • 100% of own-brand, fresh produce and in-store packaging will be re-usable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025
  • SuperValu has sponsored the national TidyTowns competition, Ireland’s largest community sustainability initiative, for 30 years

Sustainable Development Champion

In September 2019, the Irish Government appointed Musgrave a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champion – one of only 12 businesses and organisations to receive this nomination. The SDGs are an ambitious set of targets created by the UN, covering the social, economic, and environmental requirements for a sustainable future. Musgrave supports all 17 SDGs, though champions four specific goals, aligned with its sustainability strategy, Taking Care of our World. The Musgrave Taking Care of our World strategy sets out four over-arching ambitions for the business, coupled with 25 individual targets that inspire and challenge the company to make a positive impact in the areas of health, the environment, people, and communities. The four ambitions are: Caring for