Making delicious snacks simple with Supernature

Making delicious snacks simple with Supernature

Healthier, tastier chocolate snacks that everyone loves. That’s what Supernature is all about.

Each Supernatire snack is carefully made using a tiny number of organic and simple ingredients. Working with farmers from all over the world including collectives in Indonesia and fourth generation growers in California, the company craft their own chocolate using just three ingredients.

The chocolate is then smothered over hand-picked peanuts, hazelnuts and raisins.

Supernature began in Noele’s kitchen. She said: “My daughter had been told to cut out dairy, wheat and white sugar – but was going to a party!  We were looking for something she could bring as an alternative to the usual snacks. Using only a few natural ingredients, I started making chocolates and desserts for movies, parties or sleepovers for her and her pals. They loved them and it felt great to be giving them the simple, healthier option.

“With a confectionery entrepreneur and a chocolate wizard, we’ve developed Supernature, a range of healthy chocolate snacks, all organic, vegan friendly, free of gluten, refined sugars & dairy. We make our own chocolate from scratch and roast each and every nut. This enables us to create Peanut Butter Cups and Hazelnut Clusters with only 4-Ingredients. You won’t find emulsifiers, palm oil, flavourings or processing aids. Our healthy chocolate  snacks are made from nature, that’s all.”