Joyce’s Supermarkets issues simple tips to reduce your environmental footprint

Joyce’s Supermarkets issues simple tips to reduce your environmental footprint
repro free: Independent family-run supermarket chain Joyce’s Supermarkets has welcomed reuzi (Ireland's one-stop shop for sustainable lifestyle) to their Knocknacarra location. The partnership marks a significant development for both companies and is the first time that reuzi has partnered with a supermarket chain. Pictured at Joyce’s in Knocknacarra Aisling Joyce, Joyce's Supemarkets and Pat Kane Reuzi. Photo:Andrew Downes, Xposure

Galway-based Joyce’s Supermarkets has teamed up with Irish owned suppliers reuzi and Lilly’s Eco Clean as part of its drive to provide easy access to sustainable cleaning products and everyday items for its customers.

Minimal waste store reuzi, which has a pop-up location in Joyce’s Knocknacarra, provides eco-friendly and sustainable products from reusable bottles and kitchenware to toiletries and homewares. Pat Kane, founder and MD of reuzi, has shared some top tips for making small changes to reduce your environmental impact at home.

According to Pat, when it comes to your home, small changes can add up. But consumers should not feel pressured to overhaul everything at once.

Pat says: “Start with simple tweaks like switching to energy-saving light bulbs or using a tap filter instead of buying bottled water; observing your consumption habits; and being conscious about how you dispose of goods, from pillows to batteries and beyond.”

Eco-friendly suggestions include:

  1. Try to be more energy savvy: By using less energy, you can help to reduce your carbon emissions. Try switching off standby appliances and device chargers, turning your heating down and hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer.
  2. Be more water wise: You can make a huge impact by reducing your water usage, taking shorter showers or fixing any leaky pipes around the house.
  3. Learn your local recycling and composting rules: When it comes to recycling, the rule is relatively clear: You can recycle paper and cardboard, soft and rigid plastics, tins and cans – always clean, dry and loose. Composting can be a bit more confusing, so reach out to your local waste collector to find out exactly what they accept.

Lilly’s Eco Clean is an Irish manufacturer of a range of natural household cleaning products benefitting our health, home and planet. Available in store at Joyce’s, Lilly’s Eco Clean products use plant and mineral-based ingredients and soaps, vinegar and essential oils. The products have been packed in 100% recycled bottles for over a decade.

Titta Jones at Lilly’s Eco Clean says: “Natural cleaning products provide an optimum way to clean in a new, non-toxic way. Many people opt for conventional cleaners, due to a lack of availability or knowledge about effective natural alternatives. But it is easier than people may think to find suitable alternatives to everyday cleaning products. Lilly’s is a long-established and trusted sustainable Irish brand.”

Lilly’s Eco Clean is based in Carna, Co.Galway. The product range includes nine liquid products ranging from Washing Up Liquid with lemon oil, All Purpose Spray with Citrus Oil Blend to Non-Bio Laundry Liquid and Fabric Softener with Orange Blossom and Chamomile. The brand was the was third biggest selling washing up liquid in 2021.

Aisling Joyce, Director of Operations at Joyce’s Supermarkets said: “We are delighted to be working with two forward-looking Irish businesses that are committed not only to developing sustainable products but also educating the public about how a series small changes can make a difference. Our staff are always on hand in our stores to advise our customers and to help them make changes with everyday products to reduce their impact on the environment.”