It’s a Bright Future for Ireland as new energy provider launches today

It’s a Bright Future for Ireland as new energy provider launches today

Ireland’s newest electricity provider has entered the market offering savings of up to 23 per cent on an average annual household bill. Bright, which offers only 100 per cent green energy, has been co-founded by energy entrepreneurs Ciaran and Stephen Devine in partnership with Maxol, Ireland’s largest family-owned forecourt retailer.

The announcement marks Maxol’s move into the green energy sector.

From today, householders can make the switch to bright by downloading the bright App or by checking out

Bright promises to be different:

• One single variable tariff: Unlike other providers, bright has just one rate making charges and bills easier to understand, thereby keeping things simple for customers. The rate will track the wholesale market so that when prices fall, savings can be passed on to bright’s customers quickly.

• Lower costs than any other provider on the market today: Bright will save customers up to 23 per cent per annum on their energy bills, equating to €2251, based on today’s rates.

• No gimmicks: The rate is the rate and there will be no introductory offers to lure in new customers, only to increase their rate or tariff after six or twelve months. All customers will be on the same rate at the same time.

• No tie ins or exit fees: Such is bright’s confidence in its offering, customers will not be tied into a long-term contract and there are no exit fees if you do decide to leave.

• 100 per cent green energy: Bright will offer only 100 per cent green energy, buying it from renewable generators across ROI and NI and on the wholesale electricity market. Initially supplying electricity, bright will enter the gas supply market later in the year.

• Technology: Bright is using the latest technology to ensure a user-friendly experience for customers via the bright App, where they can submit a meter reading and manage and track usage and costs. This means no billing surprises.

Bright’s cofounders with Maxol are energy entrepreneurs, Ciaran and Stephen Devine of Evermore Energy, who have been operating in the renewable energy sector for more than a decade. With backgrounds in investment and corporate finance, the Devine brothers left the corporate world and joined forces to launch Evermore Energy in 2010, with active interests in energy storage, data centre development, energy generation and electric vehicle charging projects across Ireland.

Ciaran Devine, Chief Executive of bright said: “Technology is driving much of our world and consumers are used to having everything at their fingertips. From ordering food to booking a taxi, the products and services we need and want can all be accessed through apps, and energy should be no different.

“We also know that people are concerned about the impacts of climate change and want to become more sustainable however they don’t always have the time or the information to be able to do so. By providing green energy at competitive costs, bright allows them to do that with no added expense or hassle.”

Brian Donaldson, CEO of Maxol said: “Bright is the coming together of two family-owned businesses that are focused on sustainability and that is a very strong bond that has led to the launch of an exciting, tech-driven business that is future fit. A move into renewables is part of Maxol’s long-term diversification strategy and despite a hugely competitive market, we believe that the time is right and the market ready for a new, renewable energy supplier.”

Entering the electricity market today, Bright will launch in Northern Ireland in August and will enter the gas supply market in both jurisdictions later in the year.

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