Iceland Offering up Something New at The Range

With a current total of 11 stores in the entirety of Ireland, the popular discount retailer The Range is going to soon be stocking frozen foods from high street heavyweight Iceland.

Three of its stores are set to open an Iceland inside, and whilst this isn’t the national scheme, if successful it could be rolled out across every store. The in-store Iceland’s will be run by staff employed by The Range.

CEO, Chris Dawson, stated that this will turn The Range into a one –stop shop for consumers and appears to be excited by the move for frozen foods within the store. This isn’t the first time that a discount retailer has made the move to frozen produce. B&M Bargains also made the choice to stock chilled and frozen goods, which has been deemed, so far, successful.

Earlier this year, it was reported that The Range was eyeing a stock market float that could value it at close to £2 billion. The eccentric CEO, who paid himself a £100 million dividend last year, is optimistic about the venture, with the deal potentially being able to help lift Iceland out of a relatively slow period of growth. Nobody is certain when this will come to Ireland, but it may be sooner than you think.