A new era for Maxol

A new era for Maxol

Speaking to Maxol’s CEO, Brian Donaldson, IF&CR learned of his excitement and positivity behind the fuel group’s exploration of a modern, new convenience offer.

Maxol, one of Ireland’s leading fuel networks, has trialed a series of own-brand convenience stores across the Republic of Ireland.

Making significant changes to its store interiors and range, Mr. Donaldson explained that Maxol’s six pilot sites focus on a more streamlined convenience and fresh food-to-go offer.

The fuel network’s extensive market research seems to be paying off, having been met with appraisal from both retailers and consumers alike.

As of September 2018, up to 70 sites will be rolled out across the network in the Republic.

The innovative concept has seen the Maxol convenience offer undergo a “root and branch” transformation with state-of-the-art store layouts and additional seating in a bid to capture the high convenience market.

Barista style coffee is at the forefront of the brand, with a range of different products available to satisfy growing consumer needs.

The ethos of delivering a quality product has been made clear by the CEO, whether this be the finest coffee or the most advanced car wash, Maxol’s new own-brand sites appear to be a factor in them taking a big leap into creating an encompassing business for the forecourt industry.

Mr Donaldson is confident that by applying the same excellent formula that we have seen in Maxol sites across the network, that the new store format in RoI will be an outstanding success.

Mr. Donaldson was confident in the new store format performance and explained that by applying the continuity that we have seen in numerous Maxol forecourts all over Ireland, we can expect to see similar top quality results and service.

He alluded to the fact that they have not finished implementing all changes and are constantly looking at new ways to drive efficiency and results throughout the business including the use of artificial intelligence at the pump. All in all, a positive step for Maxol.