Hollywood Lights – New Emo branding lights up Daly’s Hollywood forecourt and store

Hollywood Lights – New Emo branding lights up Daly’s Hollywood forecourt and store
Daly's Hollywood, Co Wicklow

Hollywood is a small village in west Wicklow just off the N81, at the foot of the Wicklow gap .A far cry from its Californian namesake, this Hollywood is – in ‘normal’ times – a busy tourist route to Glendalough, Avoca and all the treasures that county Wicklow known as the “Garden county” has to offer. The village itself because of its beautiful setting was chosen as a film location for several movies most- notably  “Michael Collins” starring Liam Neeson.

However, the new Emo branding for Daly’s forecourt and shop is literally lighting up the local area – and owner Brendan Daly is delighted with the results.

He’s run the family-owned site since 1998, but last February – after some discussions – he opted for the Emo brand.

Replacing everything

“In some ways I wish I’d done it ages ago. The forecourt was a bit dated. Storage was the main issue and because of this , we were not able to buy at the best prices so by rectifying the storage issue we could to take full tanker loads ” said Brendan. “We set about improving everything – tanks , pipework , pumps were all replaced and we resurfaced the full forecourt with a concrete base and asphalt  on the perimeter .Installation of ECO drains and offset fill points also made a huge improvement.

“The canopy got a makeover and the LED lighting has made the site much more attractive– we wanted to be very noticeable from a distance, to catch the eye, and we feel that we achieved this and are delighted with the final results.”

Tourist throughway

As this is the  main tourist gateway from west Wicklow to Glendalough – one of Ireland’s top tourist attractions , it is a widely known landmark site used by many as a meeting point before their onward journey. We often get tourist buses stopping to allow their passengers take a break and pose for photos at the granite Hollywood sign beside the forecourt .

Everybody’s business has been changed dramatically by Covid. Through it all, Daly’s Hollywood underwent its total transformation.

Easily managed

My initial discussions on re-developing the forecourt were with Yvonne Hargroves of DCC and I found Yvonne  great to deal with … very straight forward in fact , as to what was achievable or otherwise  and extremely helpful in finding solutions .The project was managed by Martin Deegan of DCC another very competent person and his expertise was invaluable as he always looked make changes not just with an eye on what was needed presently but also  with regards to future compliance with vapour recovery and certification.”

“We’ve got the forecourt now to a level where it can be easily managed and everyone is really proud of what we’ve achieved.” “ Now it’s all finished up and it has given us a new impetus.”

Community hub

“We are the only village shop as well as a postal agency for pensions and welfare  etc  – and during Covid we have become something of a community hub being the only commercial premises in the village that has never closed through any of the restriction levels . Our staff are well aware of the safety of our customers and do everything they can to keep themselves and the customers safe.

“Over  the years we have had various upgrades but maybe now it’s time to look at branding  the shop and increasing floor space so maybe that’s the next project for us” .


The feedback from our customers – the local Hollywood people – has been great and  they really appreciated and are very proud of the new look forecourt.

“I think Covid has put some heart back into small local communities – it has reminded us how we need to look out for each other, our elderly neighbours. There’s been a lot of gratitude and thanks for just helping out and doing small things.”

Tremendous goodwill

“It became something of a one-stop community hub. People weren’t able to socialise, but they could stand outside and have a socially distanced chat. We did everything to make it safe, but relaxed. It was a constant worry – putting up screens, sanitising, making sure staff were safe, no more than three people allowed in the shop at a time – and people were so patient. There was tremendous goodwill.

“It showed us just how resilient people are – and how every problem can be solved.”

Emo’s strong brand recognition

Yvonne Hargroves, Business Development Manager (South) commented:  “We are delighted with how the site has turned out.  Daly’s is a great example of what can be achieved when a site owner’s ambition is combined with Emo’s experience and expertise.

“Emo’s strong brand recognition will underpin Brendan’s hard work and ambitions for the site. Despite being a very challenging year to develop new business, Emo has gone from strength to strength during 2020, adding 13 new sites to our network.  Customer loyalty has also been a feature of the year with many existing sites re-signing, a vote of confidence in Emo’s service and value offering. Emo’s long track record provides confidence to our customers and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Brendan and his team in Hollywood.”