HKS Retail Wet Wipe Stations

HKS Retail Wet Wipe Stations

HKS Retail has introduced branded Wet Wipe Stations for forecourt customers.

The Wet Wipe station is a free standing wet wipe dispenser with integrated bin. Already used in more than 200 shops and forecourts in Ireland, it  solves a long standing problem of petrol/diesel odours and residue on customers hands.

The dispenser holds rolls of 1,000 anti-bacterial wipes with odour neutralisers built in to remove the smell of petrol and diesel.   It is an excellent customer care product and also encourages food purchases and limits use of washroom facilities.

Addgards, the manufacturer,  produced the station in HKS corporate colours with  logo to enhance the overall look and design of the HKS sites and reinforce their overall customer care image.

certas purple

Here is what customers are saying: “We are delighted to have Addgard’s wipe stand as an addition to the forecourt facilities for our customers. It is both practical and pleasing to the eye and with its sleek design, it fits in well with other forecourt items. Customers have reacted positively to the stand and are finding it very useful for cleaning up any spills or residues on their hands after dispensing fuel. I would highly recommend this product to other forecourt retailers.”  Mary McGroarty, Manager, Texaco/Centra Rochestown.

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