Henderson Group transform convenience sales with new technology

Henderson Group transform convenience sales with new technology


The Henderson Group are making waves in the convenience industry with their new state of the art payment solutions through technology system EDGEPos.

Developed for the convenience and fuel forecourt market by Henderson Technology, EDGEPoS is one of the only worldwide EPOS systems that has been designed by retailers, for retailers. The technology offers a fully scalable, real-time solution supporting businesses from one to one hundred lanes.

The latest innovations from EDGEPos seek to fill the need for retailers to provide faster, safer, and more convenient ways to purchase goods.  According to Retail Technology Channel Manager for Henderson Technology, Kristine Moore, their new self-checkout technology is transforming how retailers operate. She says: “We spoke to our retailers over the last couple of years about self-checkouts, and we knew that something different was needed for convenience. With multiples, the space that is demanded with self-checkout stations and the staff needed to continuously man them is a lot easier to provide than for the likes of a smaller convenient store.

“Our IT forums suggest that self-service would be usual for our convenient stores for both fuel and shop goods. As a result, we have developed our very own self-checkout system through EDGEPos. It doesn’t take up any additional floor space, it doesn’t need constantly manned because it bolts onto one or more of your existing tills that you have on site. It’s completely cashless and uses cards only too, which takes us onto the future of cashless transactions which we expect to see more and more in the retail industry.

“So far, it’s gone down really well. We launched the service in August last year, and have now installed self-checkout stations in over 40 sites in Northern Ireland alone, and three sites in the mainland.

“It shows we have listened to our retailers, and we have come up with a concept that is going to boost sales and ultimately profitability.”

Co-owner of the Manor Retail Group, Dale Beckett, has four stores operating within the Henderson Group. He made the decision to install a self-checkout station in his store in Loughbrickland last September, and says it has dramatically changed how they provide convenience to their customers: “The self-checkout is unique to convenience retail, and we wanted to provide our consumers with a better shopping experience. On average we have 50 customers per day using the self-checkout, and this is continuously growing.

“It allows our customers to avoid the queues at peak times whilst taking the pressure off our staff. With an increase with pension contributions, and the rise in living wage, anywhere we can automate is a financial help to the business. Technology is the backbone of our business, and we rely on Henderson Technology to keep us up to date with the latest innovations.”