Forecourt Spotlight on Gala Kanturk, Co. Cork

Forecourt Spotlight on Gala Kanturk, Co. Cork

Can you tell us about your store and how long you’ve been with the Gala Group?

Situated on a busy road in Banteer, Kanturk, our store is driven by both local and passing trade. Even though traffic passes quickly on this road, the length of the roadside frontage of the store and forecourt allows great visibility to motorists passing by who want to stop off at the shop. Our deli is very popular and gets great repeat business and our Baker’s Corner offering has a great reputation for quality and has been performing extremely well. We also design and make bespoke birthday cakes of a very high standard. Our most important asset, our staff, go that extra mile for customers every day. We’ve been with the Gala group for almost 8 years.

What attracted you to become part of the Gala Retail Group?

Access to a local wholesaler was a huge draw and we really like how our local Gala wholesaler, M&P O’Sullivan, does business. It’s a no nonsense relationship and our contacts there are readily contactable. The relationship has grown over the years to one of trust and stability. Our Gala Retail Operations Executive, Colin McTaggart, is a consummate professional and a reliable source of support and guidance. Our actions for the business are dealt with speedily and efficiently by the team at Gala once agreed and they are always working with us to help us take the business to the next level.

How has the support of the Gala Group evolved since you became part of the group?

The Gala Group is constantly challenging itself and its retailers, like myself, to reach higher and achieve maximum return and high standards at all times. Supply and availability has been incredible during the Covid-19 pandemic with delivery frequency increased – no order is too small. Our concepts are all working extremely well and give us a point of difference to other stores in the area.

Tell us about your customer base

Our customers are from all over really, from the local community to passing commuters. Our deli, bakery and coffee offerings are the main attractions.

What Gala concepts have you implemented in your forecourt store? How has the introduction of Gala concepts been received by your customers?

We have New Street Deli, Coffee Junction, Baker’s Corner and Galato concepts in the store. These have added a new attraction for customers looking for quality and reliability at a good price. These concepts from Gala are exclusive and unique, generating consistent repeat business for the store.

What would you say to retailers who are considering joining the Gala Group?

If you want a 5-star service, delivered effortlessly, and a relationship of trust and support, this group is second to none. You will get expert advice from experienced professionals. We’re glad to have made the move and we look forward to a profitable future with the Gala Group.


Gala ROE: Colin McTaggart

Local Wholesaler: M&P O’Sullivan