Forecourt facelift wows shoppers

A fantastic facelift to a Northern Ireland forecourt store has left shoppers speechless at the transformation.

Every fixture and fitting was stripped out of the O’Kanes Superstore in Armagh to enable a full re-fit to the 2,000 sq.ft. shop.

Modern new lighting and flooring, a new ceiling, a bank of chillers, a new counter with a contemporary oak block finish along with a raft of bespoke features, have been combined to create a real premium feel to the store.

Nisa retailers since 1984, the O’Kane family hadn’t made any significant changes to the store for a few years and when Brian O’Kane became a postmaster earlier this year he decided to push on with plans to develop the business.

“We knew what we wanted to achieve and were keen to focus on the correct avenues for the current market, so improve our offer on fresh, hot and chilled food.

“We had too much in the old shop and the shelves were too high. We worked with the Nisa team and Active and together they did something really clever and made the shop look much bigger, but it actually has no extra floorspace at all. Customers are coming in with a gasp and are so impressed with what they see.”

And the new look has made Brian and siblings Helen and Aiden, who run the store together, change the way they operate on a day-to-day basis.

“I decided to spend more time on the shop floor, talking to our customers,” said Brian. “It’s how the O’Kane family want to present our store. It’s great to be out there having a craic with people and helping improve their shopping experience.”