Applegreen joins forces with fuelService to help fuel Disabled Drivers

Applegreen rolling out fuelService partnership across the Republic of Ireland

Applegreen is delighted to announce that they have joined forces with fuelService and the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) to help disabled drivers receive assistance whilst refuelling at Applegreen stations across the country.

Refuelling a car is one of the biggest challenges faced by disabled drivers, and Applegreen is proud to be the first Irish forecourt retailer to roll out this app service and go some way towards making refuelling easier and more accessible for disabled drivers.

Experiences such as having to sit on a forecourt beeping the car horn, flashing the lights and waving disability badges to receive help to refuel at a pump on a forecourt were behind the creation of the fuelService app. The app offers a two-step process to take the uncertainty and stress out of refueling for disabled drivers. Step one helps the driver locate the nearest Applegreen petrol station where there is an available staff member to help them.

Step two allows forecourt staff to let drivers know when they should arrive at the forecourt, then alerts staff when they arrive allowing drivers to be assisted as efficiently as possible and take the stress out of filling up their car.

The app, is a simple but effective solution to a huge difficulty faced by disabled drivers across the country. Applegreen is confident that by joining with fuelService they will play a part in liberating disabled drivers from a very difficult and often stressful experience.

Disabled drivers are often more dependent on their cars than most, therefore these frustrations are a serious issue, and one that Applegreen, together with the fuelService app are pleased to be able to offer a solution to help these drivers. The service is available at all Applegreen forecourts in the Republic of Ireland.

Speaking at the launch of the new service today, Conor Lucey Head of Retail Operations at Applegreen said: “Applegreen are excited to partner with fuelService to provide this important service at all of our forecourts across the Republic of Ireland. At Applegreen we are committed to valuing our customers and offering the best possible experience along with our “low fuel prices always”commitment for all those who visit our sites. We are thrilled to be able to help disabled drivers and offer them an unrivalled customer experience . We are proud to work with fuelService and the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland to ensure that disabled drivers feel confident and supported when visiting our forecourts.”

Richard Ryder, Marketing Manager of Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland welcomed today’s announcement noting “It’s fantastic that Applegreen is Ireland’s first forecourt retailer to offer this service to its customers. Refueling has always been a frustrating issue for disabled drivers, but now, everyone with a disability or impairment can benefit from a solution like this and it’s great to see Applegreen leading the way and making it easily accessible to thousands of their customers.”