Fairbanks launches new web portal

Fairbanks launches new web portal


In 2014, Fairbanks recognised the need for a service that would allow fuel retailers easier, faster access to data.

Their vision was to develop a platform that would give greater visibility and control over their business. By the summer of 2015, after extensive research and development, Fairbanks had built, tested and launched their brand new service – a customer-driven, transparent and innovative web-portal. The intelligent system, with its user-friendly interface, has been designed to meet the growing needs of the ‘downstream’ fuel industry, by delivering real-time information that users can access whenever – and wherever – they need it.

Station Manager 365 is a software solution that traverses all platforms, enabling management teams to control forecourt operations remotely with ease. Founded on feedback from Fairbanks’ existing web-portal, which found that the current data platform was in many ways too detailed, Station Manager 365 has successfully adapted to the changing demands in customer expectations. Presenting information clearly and succinctly, the portal allows clients greater insight into customer behaviour, stock levels, pump activity, competitor pricing, margin management and historic sales trends.

Station Manager Front FacingUsing up-to-the minute stock information combined with the processing of sales data gives Station Manager 365 the ability to advise forecourt managers of diminishing product levels, based on ‘days remaining in stock’ not just litres, prompting fuel re-order. It can also determine flow rates and can subsequently warn forecourt operators when filters need to be changed, and the intelligent ‘alarms’ feature has the capability to alert them to potential problems such as water ingress. The identification and elimination of issues like these is already assisting with preventative maintenance and reducing queues on forecourts, and the understanding of equipment activity is helping to minimise dispenser downtime, driving fuel sales and improving customer experience.

Not only does Station Manager 365 grant users access to information about their current stock; it also provides information relating to local fuel pricing. With the touch of a button, users can view competitor fuel prices, allowing them to make more informed decisions when setting daily rates. The ‘Margin Manager’ tool also helps users to maximize profit margins through accessing accurate, real-time information, whilst other features allow users to monitor current trends as an aid to achieving targets, look back over historic sales trends, and access detailed records.

For 20 years, Fairbanks has kept innovation high on its agenda, and the introduction of Station Manager 365 proves their ongoing dedication to providing customers with new, intelligent, fuel management solutions.

Station Manager 365 – the future of forecourt management.