EVs offer opportunities for retailers – Kalibrate report

EVs offer opportunities for retailers – Kalibrate report

A new report from Kalibrate shows that consumers are paving the way for retailers to take prime position in the growing electric vehicle (EV) market.

41% want EV charging points at existing fuel stations, and 57% of EV drivers saying they’d like to see more charging points at shopping venues.

The research mapping the evolving habits, traits and needs of EV drivers globally, was launched by fuel and convenience software specialist, Kalibrate. It said the research signalled a shift for traditional fuel retailers and a need for them to re-evaluate and re-establish their offering.

Retailers are already acutely aware that EV adoption is increasing, without clarity of what the future will look like, and with the investment required, many seem hesitant to accelerate their plans just yet.

The report – The Electric Opportunity – suggests that EV driver behaviour will shape traditional petrol and diesel fuel providers’ services, with two-thirds saying they are always looking for new places to charge – ideally at shopping or hospitality venues.

While this behaviour shift offers a significant opportunity for retailers, it also presents a challenge, says the research, which finds that although nearly nine-in-10 organisations believe the EV market is a future revenue driver, over half  think the market is too unpredictable for them to make concrete plans. Over half also find it difficult to anticipate where EV charging infrastructure would be most useful. A further 52% say they have not even started developing their EV strategy.