Become a Maxol Fuel Card Customer Today

Become a Maxol Fuel Card Customer Today

Maxol has been at the heart of the Irish community for more than 100 years.

As well as a growing network of licensees of independent dealers, Maxol provides fuel card services to several key state and semi-state bodies and large multinational businesses across Ireland.

Becoming a Maxol Fuel Card customer makes life easier for your business and your drivers.

It enables your business take charge of your fuel spend, accurately manage costs, and monitor vehicle and driver performance.

Each customer has access to the online portal for easy account and fuel management information. As well as that, Maxol will ensure you receive the agreed price in over 700 service stations across Ireland.

Fuel Cards will also prevent unauthorised product purchases by limiting purchases to fuel, oil, and car washes. There are no setup fees when you become a customer and all administration services are managed by the dedicated Maxol Fuel Card team.

To become a fuel card customer today, simply email or sign up at