Refreshing solution to fuel pump contamination

Refreshing solution to fuel pump contamination


A fresh solution has been implemented after a study revealed fuel pump handles pose the greatest risk to health on forecourts.

The US study by Kimberly-Clark found 71 per cent of fuel pump handles tested had high levels of contamination – enough to spread illness.

A Wet Wipe Station at a BP forecourt
A Wet Wipe Station at a BP forecourt

It was the highest percentage when tested against ATM buttons, escalator rails, public restroom handles and other surfaces.

However, BP UK have taken steps to reduce the risk posed by horrible handles, introducing wet wipe stations.

Manufactured by Addgards in BP Green, the stations come with bespoke signage to selected BP managed forecourts in the UK.

The free-standing station dispenses anti-bacterial wipes to remove fuel residue and contaminants from customers’ hands and has an integrated bin for the used wipe.

Placed at the shop entrance it encourages food and beverage purchases and contributes to the overall fuelling and dining experience at very little cost.

Manufactured in Ireland, the Wet WIpe Stations are now used by Esso, Spar, Supervalu, Certas Energy UK and many more.

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Source: Addgards